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Josh Klein may be a simple mild-mannered music teacher by day, but when its time to kick off the party he slips into his alter ego, Hairy Dudini.....a freaky funky guitar slinger armed with all kinds of space toys.

Self proclaimed modern music tech nerd mixed with an old soul, jazz and roots rock twist, Hairy Dudini has been spotted as a player and sit-in with many projects. He’s been seen playing everything from old school jazz to samba to reggae to klezmer, and is heavily influenced by the music of Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. He now plays regularly as a sit in or appears on recordings with the likes of Jah People (roots/reggae), The Phix (hip hop), Spirit World (funk/roots/loops), Butterjive (funk/tribal) GD3 (Grateful Dead Songs heavily injected with funk) and The Dudini Band (instrumental freaky funk covers) and of course all the while still running his solo loop project.

Solo Dudini and the above projects have shared stages with the likes of The Wailers, The Smithereens, Encanti, Tweed, Background Orcs, Natural Selection, Brothers Past, Infinien, Philly Freeway, G Love and Special Sauce, and various members of The Roots Crew, Nth Power, Lettuce, Furthur/DarkStar Orchestra, Primus, Pretty Lights Band, Jacob Fred Jazz Oddysey and John Brown's Body. Look out for The Hairy Dudini, hitting your fest or venue hard in 2016!

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